Events, News, and Updates for local Disaster Response

News, updates, and events in the Carolinas Mission Region as we support NALC Disaster Response. We have two warehouses and many disciples devoted to this work. Please check back here often as we are still building this page!

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NALC National Disaster Task Force

Servant Event Mission Trips

Schedule to serve at national warehouse
or an active disaster site (5 states at this time)

“WE ARE HIS HANDS” Ephesians 2:10 coordinated by NALC Disaster Task Force and the HARP Mission
(host of the national disaster warehouse)
810 Main St., Caldwell, OH 43724

Church groups and individuals will provide home maintenance, repair, and other help
for families in crisis, disabled, widowed, elderly, seniors, and Veterans.
Learn how to repair and rebuild homes and families destroyed by disasters.





Schedule a week that fits your church schedule

Travel and meals are the only cost

Registration & Medical Release forms will be E-Mailed upon request

Contact Mary Bates, PH: 740-509-1132 · [email protected]

Great experience to involve your entire church family!

Daily devotions and recreation

SPECIAL REQUEST: We are trying to find churches and/or individuals willing to sponsor materials,
flooring/sheet rock/cabinets and more, for homes destroyed by disaster and for those who cannot afford to rebuild